Community and Recreation, January 30th 2017

Meeting Minutes

Draft minutes will be published within 7 working days after a meeting. Approved minutes will be published within 3 working days of the next meeting.

KESGRAVE TOWN COUNCIL Community and Recreation Committee Minutes Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Community and Recreation Committee held on the 30 January 2017 at Kesgrave Town Council Offices

Councillors Present: Councillor A Comber (Chair of this Committee) Councillor G Lynch Councillor J Ogden Councillor S Fairbrother Councillor D Fairbrother Councillor R Bridgeman (Vice-Chair of this Committee)

In Attendance:

  • Mrs Diane Jimpson (Finance and Development Manager)
  • Mrs Chris Marsh (Service Development Co-ordinator)
  • Mrs Joanna Abbott (Service Development Administrator)
  • Councillor G Derrick
  • Councillor K Archer
  • Councillor R Spittle
  • Councillor N Beecroft-Smith


  • Councillor S Lawson

1. Welcome and Apologies for absence – The Chair welcomed those present. Apologies for absence were received as noted above.

2. Declaration of interests – None declared.

3. Minutes of the last meeting – The Minutes of the Community and Recreation Committee Meeting held on the 21 November 2016 were received, considered and approved. (Copy with Minutes).

4. Officers report/update/matters arising – None reported.

5. Members of the public – there were no members of the public present.

6. Christmas Event – the committee considered the request to approve expenditure for the ‘Ice Skating event’ this will be held over two days on the 25 and 26 November. The total cost will be approximately £5,000, part funding has been requested from SPARK and District Councillors have advised they will be willing to donate a proportion of their enabling budgets. There will also be some income from ticket sales. The committee recommended approval of expenditure of £1,250 representing the deposit for the event. Councillors suggested that Kiln Farm were approached and asked if they would donate a Christmas tree for 2017. 2

7. Oak Meadow – the committee agreed expenditure for the following items (a-e); a. Aerial runway £6,000 expenditure to be taken from Play equipment budget. b. Move cycle racks and relocate play equipment ladder to provide space for Aerial runway at a cost of £1,828.50 + VAT, expenditure to be taken from Play equipment budget. c. To remove two Beech trees affecting a residents property in The Woolnoughs and crown raise the low branches of the remaining Beech tree at a cost of £495 + VAT, expenditure to be taken from Oak Meadow EMR fund. d. Install removable bollard across entrance of field at a cost of £270.25 + VAT, expenditure to be taken from Oak Meadow EMR fund. e. Completely remove dead tree from behind Millennium Jubilee Hall (MJH), quote not yet received however committee agreed expenditure for this removal could be agreed subject to email confirmation when quote received and expenditure would be taken from MJH contingency fund. Councillors requested that the bollards situated at the end of Cedarwood Walk should be checked as they appeared to be retaining moisture and were constantly wet.

8. Youth Club – Report noted.

9. MJH – Report noted.

10. Kesgrave Market – Report noted.

11. Suggestions for the Press and Media – There were no items suggested.

12. Matters of sufficient urgency and importance – None reported.

13. Agenda items for next meeting – No items suggested.

14. Date of Next Meeting – It was noted that this is scheduled for Monday, 20th March at 7.15pm in the Council Chamber at the Town Council Offices. The meeting closed at 7.10pm.

Signed: Chairman………………………………………..Date……………………

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