Nitrogen Dioxide Air Monitoring Results

Results for 2017

Following a request by Kesgrave Town Council for nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube monitoring at three additional sites in Kesgrave (The Bell Inn PH, Bell Lane and Dobbs Lane) it was agreed in 2016 that monitoring would be undertaken by the District Council in 2017 and that the Parish Council would provide payment for the equipment used at the Bell Lane and Dobbs Lane sites.

The monitoring sites were set up as follows:

  • Front façade of The Bell Inn PH (KSG 10)
  • Rear fence of 4 Quebec Drive facing into Bell Lane (KSG 11)
  • Front garden of 1a Dobbs Lane (KSG 12)

The sites ran from January to December 2017 in order to provide an annual mean concentration for these locations.

The air quality standards set for nitrogen dioxide are an annual mean of 40 mg/m3, and a 1-hour mean of 200 mg/m3.  The diffusion tubes provided data comparable to the annual mean standard.

The results have been bias corrected (all sites) and corrected for distance where relevant (KSG 11 and KSG 12).   The results of all diffusion tube monitoring undertaken within Kesgrave during 2017 (including the historic site at Main Road – KSG 9) are summarised below and the full data sets are attached:

                KSG 9 (Main Road outside Carpet Cuts)                  – 32 mg/m3

                KSG 10 (The Bell Inn PH, Main Road)                        – 35 mg/m3

                KSG 11 (Bell Lane / 4 Quebec Drive)                         – 17 mg/m3

                KSG 12 (1a Dobbs Lane)                                                – 16 mg/m3

The results for all sites are within the annual mean Air Quality Objective for nitrogen dioxide (40mg/m3) and no further action is required at this time.  The sites KSG 9 and KSG 10 have been retained by the District Council in order to continue monitoring in the future, and KSG 11 and KSG 12 were removed at the end of 2017.

As we were unable to gather any results for KSG 10 (The Bell Inn PH) in July 2017, due to the tube having been removed, I have also undertaken an annualisation calculation for this site for your information.  Annualisation allows us to provide an estimate of the final results, were we to have had July’s tube, by using data from nearby automatic monitoring sites.  The annualisation calculation lowers the annual mean to 32.9 µg/m3 at KSG 10.  Defra guidance states only sites with 3 or more months of missing data should be annualised (which is why I have not included this data in the final data sets and it is only for information).

Download :- Full data sets

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