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The Suffolk Local History Council (SLHC) administers a Local History Recorders Scheme throughout Suffolk which is maintained by a network of people who ensure the survival of valuable material for future local historians by:

  • seeing that the present is adequately recorded at local level, and
  • being on the look-out for items of historical interest which might be overlooked or lost for ever

To do this Recorders are asked to note significant happenings in their area, especially the changes going on around them, and also to be on the look-out for older records and to record reminiscences of their area in the past. In the early days the aim of the Recorder Scheme was primarily to uncover the past. This has gradually changed over the years, and now the emphasis is on recording the present. All recorders do their work voluntarily.

The recorders for Kesgrave are:

  • This post is vacant
  • Tel:
  • Email:

They would be pleased to receive any documents,  photographs,  events or notice of events, which may be thought to be of interest for our local history.



Do you have any photographs of pre-war Kesgrave? The Suffolk Archive has very few of them. If you do please contact the Town Council Office.

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