Planning proposal for 300 new homes – dismissed!

Press Release, 16th October 2017


The Planning Proposal for 300 New Homes at Long Strops, Land East of Bell Lane has been Dismissed

Kesgrave Town Council is delighted to advise local residents that the Planning Inspector has today (16th October 2017) dismissed this application and the Appeal made by Persimmon Homes Ltd and BPT Ltd.

The Town Council argued strongly on behalf of its local residents that the site is unsustainable and this was the main reason that the Secretary of State will not allow the 300 homes to be built on this site”.

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  1. A big Day for Kesgrave

    A big bit of sense at last, a long time coming but well worth the wait, a big relief for us living on Penzance Road.
    I am not a nimby, I have lived at the present address for over 30 years and have
    witnessed development all around us, in fact no area however small has been
    left un-developed and in most cases this has not been a good thing, and certainly I am sure not what our local Town Council would have wanted.
    We have already been let down by the Suffolk County Council, assurances given when the Grange Farm Development was first considered was to include a Northern Bypass, and to restrict access to the Old Kesgrave from Grange Farm, well we got the second one, albeit there is access both ways for buses, which is a good thing, however the idea of opening this up for all traffic from Grange Farm is totally unacceptable, that is not to say that I do not feel for the residents of Grange Farm as access via the A1214 is intolerable.
    Which leads me back to the then proposed Northern Bypass, with all other
    developments such as BT Martlesham and the Henly Road development in Henly Road the need for this Bypass is now, not when the development is complete.
    It is typical of the County Council planning, when the proposed Long Strops was first muted, for the planning officer to say that if the development went ahead we would be in position to be able to press for improvements to the local infrastructure i.e schools roads, medical facilities et al, what utter tosh.
    We cannot trust the County/Coastal Council to do anything for local residents, we are best served and represented by our own KesgraveTown Council (of course this does not include the two councilers who voted for it, alls fair in love and war) who will put the needs of local residents from both sides of the divide before profit and Government influence.
    I feel better for that and will definitely have a drink tonight on the strength of this momentous decision, and before anybody starts a political rant I voted for our sitting MP, Dr Dan Poulter, and while I am about it I am also a dyed in the wool Brexit Man and have been since 1973/75.

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