Persimmon challenge of the Bell Lane Appeal

(300 new houses) – Public Inquiry

Persimmon challenge of the Bell Lane Appeal (300 new houses) – Public Inquiry

The Town Council has just heard that unfortunately, it has been ruled that the Planning Inspector from the Secretary of State’s office made an error in law in relation to housing supply and other matters. This Council very much regret to advise local residents that this now means that the Public Inquiry will need to be held again. This Council will continue to provide updates to local residents as soon as it finds out the new information from the Local Planning Authority – Suffolk Coastal District Council”

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  1. Long Strops: The nightmare continues

    Having read the Appeal Decision from P W Clark (Planning Inspectorate) into the appeal by Persimmom Homes Ltd and BPT Ltd, I considered the Inspectorate had made a very good job in coming to the inevitable conclusion that he did. The fact that both Persimmom and BPT felt the necessity to mount a Legal Challenge/Judicial Review in the High Court speaks volumes for the fact that Persimmom is awash with Government/Tax Payers funds and could easily afford to do so. However the case remains that any proposal to develop Long Strops will still come up against the reasons used by the Inspectorate to dismiss the appeal. There may well have been some inconsistencies within the appeal process but there were far more solid and practical reasons to reject any development that Persimmom could argue against for any future planning proposal that will no doubt follow. Does anyone need to keep quoting the obvious reasons for not developing, it’s a greenfield site, the present infrastructure, medical, hospital and schools will not support the amount of new housing which will ultimately be proposed. I have said before that the BT/Martlesham and the Ipswich Northern Fringe proposals will add at least 8000 new properties, and this does not count the development of new housing quietly going on at Martlesham around the Black Tiles area and every other conceivable gap that developers can find amongst the existing housing. Unfortunately all we get from the planning departments is the benefits that these developments will bring albeit once we get them, there is nothing said about what actually has to be done in the first place to support any of these developments. We all know that a Northern Bypass is essential, and has been for the last twenty years or so, given that the Martlesham industrial area is still being developed to provide even more out of town shops the requirement for new and better roads to accommodate them, and the customers who come from all over the area is beyond argument. We have essentially one NHS Hospital that is struggling to accommodate the present population let alone trying to find a parking place when you have to use it, there should be contingency plans to build a new hospital, schools and medical centres, but where are they. As we all know, or should do, the problem that we and the country is faced with is a population crisis rather than the housing crisis that follows, everybody is having to pay the price for uncontrolled immigration both legal and illegal that previous and existing government have either allowed or imposed on us. You only have to listen to Sajid Javid the secretary of state for housing,communities and local government, not content to blame the baby boomers and their reluctance to give up their homes as a reason for the housing shortage he has moved on by threatening that no NIMBY’s are going to prevent development, he might as well have said there will be no justifiable reasons to prevent development and left it at that. This makes a mockery of Stringer v Ministry of Housing and Local Government 1970 that established a relationship between individuals and local authorities when considering the planning and development of land.
    We all have an input and local government has a responsibility to ensure that any development will not be at the expense of current or future generations enjoyment or quality of life. I believe that developing Long Strops is a move to far, and would call on Suffolk Coastal District Council to make it clear to all parties, that any application to develop there, is off the table.
    Whereas I could easily go on, what would be the point, however as a democracy, I reserve my right to protest, and contest wherever necessary the short term solutions that our elected elite deem to impose upon us to cover their own bad planning/decisions.

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