Neighbourhood Watch

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The Council recognises the value of Neighbourhood Watch and continues to support and encourage new schemes by funding the notices. There are now 19 schemes in Kesgrave. Further information on how to set up a scheme in your area is available from local Community Watch Liaison Officers (CWLO), who can be contacted via our local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Further information on Neighbourhood Watch in Suffolk can be found by clicking here.

Being a part of the neighbourhood watch scheme doesn’t mean living in each other’s pockets or being nosy neighbours it’s more a case of being aware and not sitting back thinking that somebody else will report the incident. Co-ordinators try and supply all the participants in the scheme with the name and telephone number of every member so that if something is spotted at night a phone call, can alert neighbours. For instance, someone trying to open a car door at night could be up to no good, on the other hand it might be one of the residents legitimately retrieving something. A telephone call in this instance can help determine if the police are needed. There are a couple of plus points to be borne in mind.

  1. Insurance companies will often give a discount on premiums if you belong to a neighbourhood watch scheme.
  2. The Town Council will reimburse your co-ordinator for the cost of the signs when they’re erected.

With so many houses left empty while both adults are at work and the children are at school it becomes more and more important for all of us

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