Rupert Fison Centre

The Rupert Fison Centre off Twelve Acre Approach is our Town Centre and consists of a day nursery, medical centre, Scout Hall and NHS offices. These units are built round a square which abuts the Tesco car park. Car parking is available for western Kesgrave via Twelve Acre Approach (provided by Kesgrave Council) and for eastern Kesgrave by the Tesco car park via Ropes Drive. The Community Centre also has ample car parking via Ropes Drive as well as Twelve Acre Approach.

Improvements to Rupert Fison Square, the area between the Safer Neighbourhood Team office and the Scout Hall, are starting to take shape.

Planters were installed in September 09 in locations around the square, which we hope give it a brighter, more welcoming, feel. Sponsorship has been sought locally for these to offset some of the costs. If you are interested in sponsoring a planter please contact the Town Council Office.

For many years, since the Square was built, there has been a central circle in the paving which it had been hoped to put a tree or something else to add height to the area, there was a lamp column there too. These have now been removed. Finding the right species of tree proved difficult, the lamp was in the way, and a central feature in this relatively small area made using the Square more difficult. The installation of new lamps with LED lights in 2011 and nothing in the centre makes the whole area available for other things.

While installing the LED lights some other electrical installations have been put in place along the western and northern edges. As some of these “hide” behind the planters they aren’t immediately obvious but when the Outdoor Market starts, these will be available for the stall holders who need power.

And finally, although other ideas are still being considered, the installation of the five sectioned noticeboard has proved very popular. The central sections are used by the Town Council for official notices and agendas and more recently everything to do with the election. The outside wings are for community use.

So any local organisation putting on an event or who needs to display a poster about what they are doing, can have a poster displayed for all the passers-by to see. Posters should be delivered to the Council Office and they can then be put in the boards, usually on a Monday afternoon, by one of the staff.

The usual rule is that the posters will only be displayed for up to three weeks in advance of the event. Longer than this and the poster starts to get a bit faded anyway but this time scale does ensure a regular turn around of material.

In 2008 a Christmas tree was erected with its blue and white lights and star. Since then the schools have joined in the fun and the last Friday in November for the “switch on” is now a regular evening for the whole community.

The Square is there for community use and the Market which is to be held one Saturday a month and will bring even more life to the area.

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