Many areas in the newer parts of Kesgrave have parking courts rather than individual drives and anyone who has driven round the area, particularly at weekends will know that it is difficult to negotiate some roads at times.

It can be inconvenient to carry shopping from the car to the house if you park in a parking court, but it’s very annoying, and sometimes dangerous to obstruct a footway by parking half on and half off the road. For blind people its very confusing and for families with buggies or for wheel chair users to have to go on the road to get past a parked vehicle instead of being able to use the footway it’s really not acceptable.

There used to be a clear definition of who used what, cars and bikes on the road, pedestrians and prams on the footway. Its not that simple anymore with cycle/footways both shared and dualed, even adults seem to get confused over where they should be. No-one would expect little children on bicycles with stabilisers to be using the road but cyclists should only be on the footway if it’s designated for cycle use too. If everyone exercises a little discretion and thought for others it is possible for us all to live more safely.

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