Litter Bins

Reporting problems relating to litter bins

It is important that we live in a clean and safe town when people are proud to live and work.

Kesgrave Council does what it can by:

  • Installing over 150 litter bins in areas where a need has been identified and so that people do not have to walk too far before they can deposit their rubbish.
  • Employing a handyman to clear areas identified as hot spots and carry out one-off jobs, like clearing broken glass.
  • Employing a part-time dedicated litter picker.
  • Organising community litter pick days.

Bins are emptied by Suffolk Coastal District Council on a regular schedule. If anyone notices a bin hasn’t been emptied recently it would be appreciated if the Town Council could be notified, then we can pass the message on, or action if necessary.

Fines do exist for littering but it is difficult and almost impossible to enforce.

What you can do:

  1. Always use litter bins when you’re out and about and encourage children to use them.  If you can’t find a litter bin, take your rubbish home with you.
  2. Don’t put your household rubbish in street litter bins
  3. If you come across an area of concern please contact the Town Council Office with details of where and what the problem is and we will arrange suitable action.

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